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The living document of rulings, lore, and development for the New Albion setting.

Navigate the Celestial Ocean
Struggle against Supernal Spirits
Chart the Rivers
Bear Witness to the Names
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Major ContentEdit

  • The Celestial Ocean: The great ocean that lies beneath the Astral Realm. The beginning of the Fourth Age was marked by an ever-spilling maelstrom tearing asunder a continent, creating a portal from the Material realm's mundane waters to the realm of the stars. Here the Constellant influences shine brightest, where mortals and stranger things live and die beneath the glittering Elysian Winds.

  • Constellations: Astral spirits embodied by the stars themselves, waging endless conflict for dominion of the heavens. Their movements radiate supernal influence into the world, thriving off of and guiding mortal actions in an endless cycle of ascension and decline.

  • Riverwalking: Coursing through the halls of creation are little-understood fonts of power, from where spring all manner of unusual and incredible phenomenon. Adventurers, scholars, and explorers have long-sought out the secret truth of these flowing catalysts of change, prompting many an expedition and adventure.

  • Lexicography: Written into the essence of each thing is a Name, from where it derives its fundamental nature. The Eponyms provide the ink to the lettering, and influence all manner of supernatural phenomenon.

  • The Elysian WInds: High above the Celestial Ocean billow the Elysian Winds; the boundary between the realm of mundane starlight and supernal constellation. This ever-blowing storm rages endlessly. Many a brave or foolish soul has sought to traverse its barrier to join the stars in the Astral Sky, but none have survived its awesome radiant energy. Occasionally, the Elysian Winds will blow too wildly, and scorch portions of the Celestial Ocean with its transformative winds.